We need to stop asking people to practice tolerance of other groups (other religions, races, sexual-orientations, etc.) As well-meaning as it may be, it misses the mark by a huge margin. It falls extremely short of any real meaningful goal.

Why? Look up “tolerance” in any dictionary. It basically means “put up with, to suffer.” Unless you are actively working against a group, you are already putting up with it to a certain extent.

Advocating tolerance is weak. It’s the lowest bar you could possibly set, just a notch above open hostility.

Why not shoot for something much more lofty and substantial? We could advocate acceptance. Ah, that sounds nice, right? Of the definitions I’ve found, I prefer this one: “favorable reception; approval.”

But still, it doesn’t push a person far enough in my opinion. How about we set our sights higher still?

Why not strive for embracement? Look it up. “Embracement” means “to take or receive gladly or eagerly; accept willingly.” Much better, don’t you think?

So the next time you hear somebody preaching tolerance, ask them to step up their game. Ask them to advocate embracement instead.

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