punc & mark – comic strip

In 1998 I created a simple comic strip about two emoticons living in cyberspace.  (Emoticons are what we used before emojis, kids.) I called it Punc & Mark (as they were made from punctuation marks, get it?).  I didn’t actually draw it; I used an old image editor from Microsoft to make it.  The artwork was crude.  But then so was the humor. :)

I was basically just messing around, but I posted it to my “home page” and told my friend Joe Mezzina about it. He dug it immediately, and made all sorts of suggestions. After a while, he and I were collaborating on each new episode and I gave him a byline.

For all its graphic simplicity, it actually took off. I created a new site, byteus.com, and submitted the comic strip to all the ranking sites I could find.  Before long we had a solid reader base. We received a lot of praise and awards; we even got one from the Museum of Technology in San Jose, CA.

Below is the entire catalog of episodes.

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