Get your mind out of the gutter.  Cockoctions is short for “cocktail concoctions”.

Below are a few cockoctions I have “invented” and successfully consumed.  I recommend mixing each by combining ingredients in a shaker with ice, shaking said shaker until your hand is nearly frozen, then sifting into a shot glass or a rock glass with ice.  Just remember “1 part” can be interpreted as 1 ounce, 2 ounces, a 1/4 cup, or whatever measure you prefer; you may want to start with 1 ounce, however.

Disclaimer 1:  Others may have come up with these recipes before, and perhaps even published them.  If so, I’m not aware, nor do I care.

Disclaimer 2:  I am not responsible for how much you drink.

Disclaimer 3:  I am not responsible for what you do when you drink.

Fruitini (or Fruit Cocktail)

  • 1 part vodka (Ketel One or better is highly recommended.)
  • 1 part apple pucker
  • 1 part orange liqueur

Too Kool For Skool Aid (or Jagerdorietto)

(This is a variation of a cocktail known as Kool Aid.)

  • 1 part almond liqueur
  • 1 part melon liqueur
  • 1/2 part Jagermeister
  • 1/2 part cranberry juice


(This is a variation of a cocktail known as Melon Ball.)

  • 2 parts vodka (Again, spring for the good stuff.  Have some self-respect.)
  • 1 part melon liqueur
  • 1 part cranberry juice

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